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August 2014


I thought the Apostles were all dead. Hate to disappoint, we are very much alive! We are here as witnesses on earth to the Truth of the: birth, life, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and plan of being caught up with, then the return of Jesus, The Son of our Living God.

It is no wonder that those not following Jesus think Apostles are just old fools trying to keep a dead religion alive while being detached from the real world. Folks in the religious systems find us very intimidating and a threat to their very existence. The government; well the government has been trying to exterminate us ever since Jesus walked the earth. If I were to boil it down into a few simple offensive categories they would be: Truth, The Bible, The Name of Jesus and of course, Creation. Wow, did your blood pressure go up just from reading the categories? See what I mean? We have that kind of effect on people.

Over 40 years ago, I was introduced to Jesus and as I yielded my life to Him, yielded to the authority of His Word and yielded to the power of the Holy Spirit, He called me to come closer. Walking this close with Jesus has brought me the deepest joy one could ever experience on this earth but it has also brought me great suffering.

For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.     Ecclesiastes 1:18


These past years the commission from my Lord Jesus has narrowed from a broad “shotgun” type ministry of the whole world, to a more focused target. Some would call me a missionary, not to an underdeveloped country but a missionary to the United States of America, primarily to the Gentile Church of the United States of America.  Things have changed here and I am to be a witness to the fact that just because “man” changes things does not mean that God indorses those changes.

Time to take inventory of this once great nation; to see and hear what the Lord Jesus has to say about what to speak and what to do. “Father God I ask in Jesus Name that You would lead and guide us as we take inventory, let us stay focused on your tour, help us not to get distracted. In those places where it may seem dark and hopeless; hold our hand, give us strength and make Your purposes clear and sure.”

Inventory: Let us start on the next blog!

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Thomas Spencer