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Thomas Joseph Spencer –  An Apostle of those with like faith – The Bible Guy; a Trusted Voice, Ambassador of Heaven with the Ministry of Reconciliation.


TheBibleGuy - Early Years

Thomas Spencer 1964

TheBibleGuy – Early Years  

1958 – When I was born I was named Thomas Joseph Spencer and rightfully so. My grandmother was a God follower: God fearing, Bible believing and Holy Ghost led. My Mom and dad were God Rejecters, although later in life I had the honor to lead them to the saving power of Jesus. Therefore my name Thomas Joseph comes in two parts and in this order:

Thomas:  not in origin a given name but an epithet of the apostle who initially doubted the resurrected Jesus, thus the title “Doubting Thomas” or one who will not believe until he sees the proof; a seeker of truth until he finds it. Also means twin; one who walks in a dual role or one who changes from one belief to another.

Joseph: “God will increase” “from the prison to the palace” “highly favoured” The eleventh son of Jacob but Rachel’s first; because of jealousy, he was sold into slavery and reported to his father that he had died. As a slave in Egypt, Joseph established and prospered Potiphar’s house, as a prisoner established and prospered the King’s prison and because God revealed dreams and gave interpretations to him, he became an advisor to the pharaoh and established a plan and even prospered Egypt in a seven year famine plus his family, whom he was eventually reconciled with, as his brothers came to Egypt for help.

Sir name Spencer: origin traced directly to the French Robert d’Abbetot listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Robert le Dispenser, possibly one of the Norman knights who fought alongside William the Conqueror in the defeat of Harold II, King of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The official appointment as Royal “Dispencier” sometimes expressed more grandly as “Royal Steward”, “King’s Steward” or “Lord Steward”. Spelling later changed to Spencer “a dispenser of provisions”.

The Fearful Years

At age 5 my younger sister Patricia died at birth and I had been raped repeatedly by my dad’s step brother (my baby sitter) I watched my dog run to me across the street only to see her smashed by a speeding car and I had already attended an open-casket funeral. A spirit of depression was in my home along with an unhealthy fear of death.

Thomas Spencer 5th grade     My Awaking

In my back yard at age 9 or 10 I asked God if He was really real, a familiar Kansas sunbeam came piercing through the clouds (this was the first time I had been blessed with a beam of light) God Is!

1974 – It took me a few years to understand how to have a relationship with this Real God. It was through Jesus His Son, I found Truth and was Born Again; a transition started. Becoming a disciple of Jesus the Son of our Living God, the Establisher Joseph started taking center stage and Thomas started replacing doubt with Truth and Faith. Spencer? Dispencier? Dispenser of Goods? There was an anointing on me of redistributing large quantities of American surplus to those in need.

Thomas Spencer 3         The Religious Years

1977 – Entered into the religious world (seemingly the only place that was teaching the Bible) “Assemblies of God” in Kansas, Bible College in Springfield Missouri, ministry in San Diego California.

1986 – “Word of Faith” in Spokane Washington, 1989 Casey Treat in Seattle Washington

12    My Second Awaking – Renouncing Religion

1993 – 1998 writing the book “The Church What is it?” (I almost got it right) established “House to House” Ministry in Western Washington,

1999 – After 25 years of trying to “prove” religion to be “right” only to discover a deceptive “form of godliness” but no power. Renouncing building & temple ministry going strictly “House to House” and diving deep into the True Word, Will and Way of God almighty!

Y2K – Test Run of the End of the World, a personal purge and refined by fire.

2000 – For me a Biblical “Job’s Trial” losing everyone and everything: wife, children, ministry, lands, houses, business, finances, friends, reputation, identity…

IMG_1160      Starting Over

2001 – As the tragedy of “911” was happening in New York and then the rebuilding, God was rebuilding me with the pure gold left in me after His refining fire burnt the hay, wood & stubble. Remarried; experiencing True Love and Passion for the first time in my life and 13 years of restoration and “testing” the Truths of the Word of God in our lives!

Rewrote the book The Church what is it to The Church what is is and is not (again, almost got it right, getting closer)!

Rejoicing with 14,245 days of walking with Jesus

February, 2014

– Today an Apostle to those of like faith, blessed with all of God’s provisions establishing the Truth that had been sought after, found and proven.  Today a trusted voice, a servant of Jesus handing out the proper amount of food at the proper time until my Master calls me home.

Through the Bible.sm    Prophecy Revealed & Understood

– Today the pulling back of the veil that separates the natural from the super-natural. It all makes sense now: from the Book of Daniel to the Book of Revelation; understanding Jewish & Gentile scriptures, calendars, moon, feasts and the difference of the rapture of The Bride of Christ and The Second Coming of Christ.


TheBibleGuy Republishing Ira Surface’s 1921 End Time-Time Line and His book The First and The Last

The First and The Last

First written in 1919 now republished by The Bible Guy.

The year 2020 – What happened to the Church Book that I almost got right?

All these years I was trying to fit the church into the Kingdom of God, now I understand it does not fit, it never did and never will. I was taught without question, that the church and The Kingdom of God were the same. Well they are not! Our most patience Father God has brought amazing Truth on the subject and I have done my best to reveal to you what has been shown me.

The Kingdom of God on Earth as seen through the eyes of Mark's Gospel

The foundation of all ministry & life is the Kingdom of God with Jesus the King and the Ekklesia as the people of the Kingdom!

2021 FREE Online Course Through The Bible – Level One!

Ready for 2021

Thomas Spencer