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Church vs Ministry

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Separation of Church & Ministry

Thomas Spencer – TheBibleGuy.com


TYPICAL TRANSITON: In this transition we are usually looking at a typical American building on property called the church that has a governmental non-profit status with a person called pastor, a set of legal bylaws and a board of directors legally responsible for the assets plus some kind of membership which legally guarantees any loans or mortgage debt based on the amount of income or tithes & offerings the membership offers. Wow, no wonder The True Church is bogged down.

In this transition the leader must understand the importance of the separation and be convinced by The Word, The Holy Spirit and the leadership of Jesus Himself that this is the only way to set The True Church free; help the ministry to thrive and put Satan under foot.

*NOTE: If you have a relationship with an Apostolic Gift this would be a great time for some support and possibly his presence to expedite the following steps. If you do not have a relationship with an Apostolic Gift and would like one, please contact me I would be honored to walk you through this exciting process.


Location: a town of 20,000 people in a county of 40,000 people. A ministry called a church was established many years ago with the current revelation that was available at that time. Men, called pastors, were hired to “do the ministry” plus raise funds to pay their own salary, and the overhead of the building etc.

After one pastor retired or left or was fired another man was hired. This man had a True Teaching Ministry and the people loved him and he loved the people but he only had influence in their lives for one hour on Sunday and one hour on Wednesday. The leader was frustrated and saw little growth, actually finances went down and he had to work outside the ministry to pay the bills.

The ministry group spent three years “getting their house in order before they go to war” Deuteronomy 20:5-9. Successfully cleansing their lives they are ready for marching orders but having trouble defining the true battle and now asking our Lord Jesus for direction. Could it be possible that God would send an Apostle to share some good news, where the real battle is and give a picture of what it could look like?

POSSIBLE PICTURE (from book: Church what it is: Prototypes)
(This story is not a factual event or a reality show but rather several real testimonies all hooked together in one story to give you a NEW picture).

  1. EVANGELISM: Real Word of the Lord for the End Time Church 2014-2015 “Everyone win one!”

THE STORY – John, a 25 year old man; husband and father of a 4 year old girl accepted Christ as his Saviour and declared Jesus Lord.

  1. DISCIPLESHIP: Mark who witnessed to John at work and prayed with him to receive Christ gave him a little booklet “Welcome to Your New Life” explaining and reinforcing what happened to John. Mark also asked to meet with John on Monday morning at 8 AM for one hour before work to encourage John in his new life with Jesus. They met; Mark said a little prayer, they had a cup of coffee, Mark read an encouraging scripture verse and asked John if they could meet for the next 5 Mondays and go through a workbook together? John agreed, took the book “Beginning the Journey” and discipleship was started.

Three Mondays had passed and Mark invited John & his family to his home for a cook out. They showed up and Sally, Mark’s wife had an opportunity to ask Teresa, John’s wife if she had seen a change in John lately and a relationship was started between the two wives.

  1. CHURCH: Week 5 Mark & John finished the discipleship workbook and Mark who had already explained that they had a few couples come over every Thursday night for fellowship, study and prayer, invited John & his family over at 6 PM for a little dinner to celebrate John’s completion of the workbook. They had prayer, dinner and a small gift for John’s graduation. Then Mark asked John to share his experience and tell his story. John shared his salvation experience and what he had learned in the last 5 weeks right in front of his wife!Sally asked Teresa if she would help in the kitchen and asked if Teresa would like to experience what her husband John had. Teresa prayed with Sally and accepted the Lord and through relationship Sally started discipling Teresa. (Have you noticed they have not been to a building yet?)
  2. CITY CELEBRATION: Mark continued meeting with John before work to go through the second workbook “The Arrival Kit”, Sally and Teresa were meeting weekly plus John and Sally continued meeting at Mark’s gathering on Thursday nights and this Sunday all of them went to a facility called The Neighbourhood Life Center for a City Wide Celebration. And a celebration it was!

Let’s see what it looked like from Teresa’s perspective.

  1. MINISTRY CENTER: Everyone seemed happy, lively music was playing, refreshments were served in the lobby and then an announcement to start the meeting. A few hundred people; old, young, some babies all gathered in the auditorium and a man comes forward to greet the assembly.He began to pray and a warm feeling came over me, like a love I have never felt before. Then he explained that this was a City Wide Celebration and asked for all of the city leaders, those who have their homes open every week; like Mark and Sally, to please stand. There were about 20 couples, and 10 single men & women and around 12 to 15 youth. The leader then led us all in a prayer over them.

    Next he asked if anyone had accepted Jesus as Lord in the last couple of months to please stand. Mark and Sally encouraged John and I to stand so we did. The leader explained that The True Church; The Family of God which we are a part of, had been praying for us over the last several months and that today’s gathering was to celebrate us, to praise Jesus for our salvation. The leader pulled back a curtain revealing a large banner with a lot of names written on it. He invited us to come forward and circle our names. Mark and Sally walked us forward as music began, people clapping, dancing, singing.

    We found our names, circled them, went back to our seats. The words of the songs that everyone was singing were projected up on the wall; I could not help but begin twirling with daughter in my arms and I found myself singing along, I have not sung since high school choir!

After several songs the children were invited to come forward for a little story. Then they were asked if they would like to continue the story in the children’s area downstairs. After the children skipped out of the auditorium to a lively song, we all sat down and heard wonderful reports from the first leaders that had their homes open every week. Reports of miracles; people being physically healed, marriages restored, people accepting Christ just like John and I.

  1. MINISTRIES: Then the leader shared reports of everything that had been taking place in the center for the last month. Study classes on books of the Bible, prophecy, Old & New Testament survey, Marriage Enrichment classes and a class for new people like us just to explain everything that is offered here.The ushers handed us a brochure on the different services: food & clothing bank, a once a week free medical clinic, a youth & children’s facility, Saturday night Christian bands the list went on and on. The cycle continues!

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