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Church vs Ministry

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Separation of Church & Ministry

Thomas Spencer – TheBibleGuy.com



  1. If you are ready to take this step it is probably not “new news” to your leadership team. Our Lord Jesus has already prepared you and your team that a change is in the wind. Some may be opposed and that is ok, most people are fearful of the unknown, love them through the process. Some may leave.
  2. Most of the people in your influence already love you or they would not have stayed and supported you through this frustrating & cleansing time, now they are READY to hear the vision! They are ready to march; they are ready to go to war at your command because they believe you are their Godly leader!Do not hide anything from them! Tell them that you are going into several strategy meetings with their leadership team to agree on the perfect will of God. Every meeting you have from now to your strategy meeting have them lay hands on you & pray over you and your team publicly. Powerfully encourage them to pray for you every day, this is a BIG DEAL, “and when the time comes to announce the vision you will be one, in agreement and power will be released.” (That was a Word from our Lord).
  3. The Leader: most of this meeting, inventory, evaluation & vision setting will ultimately land on your shoulders. So the more information you gather in advance will help move your meeting along more smoothly. I would recommend going through the process on your own and in the area of evaluating your ministry it will help you clarify the bulls-eye of what God has called you to.Next it will help you clarify what other ministries stem out of your anointing and what ministries are simply needed to support your ministry. Example if your ministry is teaching adults then you may have to have some kind of childcare to give the parents undisturbed time to learn, therefore the children’s ministry would stem from your ministry out of necessity. Thirdly you will know 80% of everything needed to be done before your meeting because God is talking to you (sell your building & rent if you need to, bring another ministry into your building at different hours to help with expenses, take a sabbatical to write the book our Lord has laid on your heart etc.).What you will want to watch for in the meeting is the call of God on everyone else in the meeting. What other True callings are in the room, who is really supportive of your ministry, what insight and revelation will God give to someone else in the room? And watch for this one: when the Holy Spirit moves on someone with a gift of faith, this is where the meeting goes beyond your preparedness and control, to Jesus actually leading the meeting Himself. It will sound something like this: “I don’t see any reason why we can’t just…” Wow, stand back and watch your Lord move!
  4. Needed for your leadership meeting: A printed outline & schedule printed & handed out in advance. People chosen by the main leader; possibly an Apostle to help navigate, a person to take notes, board of directors, any true Elders & Deacons & possibly ministry department heads. Supplies – white or chalk board, note books & pens for each person, a city or county map on a cardboard back that will hold push pins, push pins in map to mark every family household. Records of: finances budget, debt & assists, even a property appraisal if you have one. Maybe some refreshment: bottle water, coffee & veggie/fruit tray. No carbs, you will be fighting against “a spirit of drowsiness” as it is. Lunch perhaps sack lunches or meat & salad trays.

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