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Church vs Ministry

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Separation of Church & Ministry

Thomas Spencer – TheBibleGuy.com

Chapter 6 – THE ACTUAL LEADERSHIP MEETING! Separate The True Church from the Ministry.


  1. Inventory your ministry. Is your ministry a ministry of one? For example: praying every day for the students at your child’s school may just be you alone. Is your ministry a group ministry opened to others and several begin to pray prayers of agreement? To SEPARATE the functions of Church from the duties of the Ministry or Ministries and set The True Church of Jesus FREE we must inventory.
  2. Inventory your physical assets. All assets will go into the Ministry category. If you own a bus that the church people use to take youth to camp it is a ministry of transportation for everything including camp. (as vision takes off someone may be called to use the bus to transport folks to their doctor’s appointment and now the bus ministry has just bloomed, do you get how this works! Don’t get distracted write it down and bring it up in the Vision Section)
  3. Inventory personnel; paid or volunteer you have that run the ministry. For example the Ministry (probably a non-profit that has been called a church) that has a building, sound equipment and possibly a mortgage payment and utility bills (could be more than one ministry or a ministry of ministries) does need a board of directors to be financially responsible to handle the resources given. Remember the board of whatever you call them are there to handle carnal physical decision with integrity. Even though some on this board may be true Elders of the Church, at this time they have nothing to do with The True Church; they are a board of directors for the ministry.

List them; board members, cleaning crew, secretary, Web Design guy, landscaper, bookkeeper, music team, ushers, repairs & snow removal, who buys the toilet paper. (*Note if at this point you discover that the main leader of this ministry and or spouse is doing most of these jobs, you may want to ask if you keep the building or if you keep this or these ministries going. Perhaps you may want to consider selling the building and renting the local hotel conference room once a week. Don’t get distracted bring this back up in the Evaluation Section.)

  1. Inventory Legal issues, Debt & Assets. Is the ministry a corporation (it will probably need to make a legal name change, again don’t get bogged down here, bring it up in the Evaluation Section). List all: ministry debt, credit, monthly bills; salaries, insurance, electric, water, sewer, trash & supplies, law suits. Whether you have the budget or not write it down this is still inventory of legal issues. Now list all financial assets: lands, buildings, grants, average monthly giving, businesses.
  2. Inventory membership. Do you have a membership list with updated addresses? This list is vital because it represents not only members of The True Church that are in your influence but also a list of supporters of your ministry. This list will eventually turn into two different lists. Don’t evaluate yet, save your evaluation until after the Vision section.


  1. Quick Review: here is where it gets enjoyable as you allow the creativity of the Holy Spirit to free-flow through us collective! Here is what you have to work with; write it on the board!

Your City, County, State, Nation

Your calling, your ministry and your ministries

Your debts (vision plan on becoming debt free)

Your assets: this is actually your “War Chest” an inventory of everything you have to go to war with. People, lands & buildings, money, commitments, influence, longevity, trust

Your history: how many have been truly born again, baptized in water, filled with the Spirit & discipled in the last month, year, 5 years.

  1. Vision: Here is a sample (remember our Lord will guide you specifically in your area and situation!) *Suggestion: start from the smallest most important element and work out from there, the good news is that you are already a success in the Kingdom of God knowing that you will hear: “Well done…” now let’s just put Satan under our foot (bind the strongman) and steal all of his goods in our town!


May I share a personal word of our Lord Jesus to me in 2014 for The True Church?

Everyone Win One

Click the pic above for the Video!

“Everyone Win One!”

Now it is a Word to you.

Start the “brainstorm” session with this question: What would it take to have everyone in your influence win one more person to Christ in the next 4-6 weeks? Get a second white board or start with a clean sheet of paper. Pretend you have nothing; you are one born again person with your Bible. If your vision can be done with you alone, it can be reproduced in others.

This goal will launch your vision: Everyone in our fellowship win one lost person to our Lord Jesus in the next 4-6 weeks and then disciple them. I did not say, bring a sinner to our building and let the pastor lead them to the lord (although that will happen). Each individual person lead another to Christ on their own. Here is where we train the people to do the work! Everyone wins!

What would be needed?

  1. Prayer that each would be filled with the Holy Spirit to be a witness.
  2. A simple evangelism training class, if you don’t have one click on my WebSite
  3. A simple discipleship path
  4. What a Home Meeting looks like. (all can be found on my Web Site)


Now the vision for the ministry can start to take on a clear focus; as the ministry is always in place to support The True Church to BE The True Church. At this point you may decide to sell everything you have purchased in the name of the church because it is just a big boat anchor that is robbing The True Church of its: time, money, energy and influence. If the ministry was originally and primarily a Teaching Gift or Pastoral Gift just think of the freedom of a “No Overhead Ministry”. You have 10, 20 or 30 some homes open every week with 5 to 10 people gathering being The True Church. You and your leadership team “float” from meeting to meeting; encouraging the people, being a part of their intimate lives, keeping your finger on the pulse of the move of God in your town and neighbourhoods. Finances that are pledged or given can go straight to salaries, helps and community events.

You rent a conference room or office building somewhere in town, or choose the largest living room in your fellowship or keep your building. A place where you can hold training meetings, new believers classes, seminars etc.

EVALUATION: Does the word church appear in your Legal Name? You will want to change your name. Even though the worldly governmental system does not care, you will want to clearly describe to The True Church, what the ministry actually is. Examples Christian Faith Center of city name, Neighbourhood Ministries, Neighbourhood Resources, Town name Outreach Center, Restoration Station of Town Name etc.

Because Satan has so influenced our culture and The True Church has drifted so far from the bulls-eye, even drifted off the target altogether the hardest obstacle , yet most powerful declaration is to change your vocabulary & definitions. Old Religious question: “Where do you go to Church?” New Reply: “The Church meets on Sundays for celebration in the Ministry Building at 10 AM.” If your building continues to have the name CHURCH on the sign and your stationary this transition will fail from the start.

Now take all of your inventory items and address each one; do they stay do they go, is the ministry over or do you continue?


You will come to a foundational identity of who you are and who your group is IN CHRIST but this is organic and will constantly be changing, becoming, moving and growing! “I pray in Jesus Name that you all will experience and walk in great freedom through this process and that your relationships will become stronger than ever before! Amen.”

Thomas Spencer TheBibleGuy.com