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Mars Hill

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Mark Driscoll

I am sorry to post the above video clip of Mark Driscoll because I know he was caught in a religions trap, even if he created it himself. This abuse has got to stop!

The True Church.

Has one of your friends or family been spiritually abused by this fiasco, please Email this to them.

As God pulls back the spiritual veil I can see around 20,000 hurt, scared, mad, and confused followers of Jesus because of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill.


What you experienced in Jesus WAS REAL! But now what do you do with it, where do you go from here? For your sake and the sake of your family and The True Church – STAY HOME!

Stay home and be blessed & healed starting by reading my free EBook; Church what it is and is not. You will find that you may be spot on. There is a good chance that you are in God’s perfect will and on the perfect bulls-eye!



EVERY week thousands of members of the body of Christ are sitting at home, confused, hurt, isolated & unassembled.  These people know that they love Jesus, but have had a hard time understanding what has been called the “Church.”  Most of these folks have walked with Jesus for many years, and have desperately tried to fit in by doing everything that was expected of them.  They have served many departments, given of their time & resources, & sat through endless hours of meetings trying to help the Leader in his many decisions.  But something was wrong, something was lacking, something was out-of-order and there seemed to be no solution, so they just quietly slipped home & never returned.  Perhaps this describes you or someone you know.

For those who have looked at “the Church” and have made a decision not to participate because of all of the abuse, scandals and confusion, “I ask that you would forgive us.”  Truly we have not been a good example of who Jesus the Son of the Living God really is.  But after today, after reading the truth in these pages, you will no longer have an excuse for not following Jesus.  No matter what man has done to you or what you have seen man do to others.  Please read on.

My purpose is to give hope to you valuable people at home; you may be closer to the perfect will of God than you know!   Even in the sorry condition of the seven churches of Asia, Jesus still referred to them as golden.

“…and the seven (golden) lamp stands… are the seven churches:”  ~ Revelation 1:20

Hear these words, Jesus gave his very life for the church and He still considers us valuable containers of His presence!  He still calls us friend and His Bride-to-be!  However, if a sailing ship was traveling from Cordova Alaska to San Francisco, California, and its navigation was one degree off with no course correction, eventually it would wind up in Chile, South America.  Do you see the point?  Just one degree off over 4000 miles!

Jesus only mentioned the word church twice in all of his teachings; do you suppose what we have today is what He intended?  Or could it be that 2000 years ago, the church got one degree off course and has not only not hit the bull’s-eye, but has missed the target all together?  Do we dare ask this question?  I did and my findings are frightfully FREEING!

This book is by no means a complete exhaustive theological study on the subject of ‘The Church’, but I do believe by understanding the history, the process and some “real life” experiences, it might help you see a bigger picture.  For those of you that have left the church building and haven’t returned, this might answer some of your questions, remove any shame that “well meaning” people have put on you and possibly show you how close to the perfect will of God you might be.

I too have been wounded by what has been called the “Church,” and some of my writings reflect those scars.  My intent is not to throw stones, but to reveal my process.  This book is written in the order that the information was discovered, much like a journal.  You may understand the revelations better if you read it from beginning to end.  I pray that you find the information and process as life changing as I did.

Please read the whole book, it is free and healing.

Thomas Spencer The Bible Guy

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