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Thomas Spencer

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Dream – The Suit doesn’t fit – Don’t Return to Babylon

February 16, 2015: I have not dreamed like this for years. Walking in my old office at Christian Faith Center in Western Washington, it was dark outside my window and I knew the evening service was about to begin. I was rushed by the music leader and told that I was leading the singing and the musicians, sound team & the graphic team who put the words on the flat screens needed my song list.

I looked around my office & it was just as I left it when I was fired back in 1993, I reached to a top shelf to get a 3 ringed binder with most of the old songs I used to sing but the binder was gone and I realized I kept tugging at my suit, I was not comfortable at all.

Next there was a woman outside my door yelling, as I open the door I see that she was with two other lady friends of hers that were trying to quite her and get her to leave. She was demanding to know why Casey Treat was supporting an issue that was Non Biblical. I began to ask her about the issue when someone started to whisper in my ear: “Ask her if she is a member” she said: “Yes”. Then the voice instructed me to ask her: “Which Campus” when I asked her she just got mad, I realized I was not helping her but only deflected the conversation back to make her “feel” like she lost the argument (this was a typical Religious Babylonian tactic). Then I began to boldly speak in other tongues to clear the atmosphere of demonic confusion and everyone quickly left.

Reentering my office I saw Casey standing in front of my desk, he didn’t look so good and I could tell he was perturbed as the service was being delayed, I can’t remember Casey saying anything just then the sound guy rushed in and started wiring me with a mic but it felt all bunched up under my suitcoat. I walked down the hallway with him then I slipped into the rest room to try to fix my coat. As I looked in the mirror it wasn’t that I was fat, it was the suit itself; it just didn’t fit any more.

Leaving the restroom, the hallway was clear, I could hear Casey’s voice from the auditorium trying to lead singing and it was horrible. No band just someone playing “off key” on the piano. As I entered the auditorium I noticed it had been remodeled, it had the feeling of an old religious décor; pews with song books, four foot white walls separating the people from the platform, an all-white piano and it just looked, felt & smelt old & dead. A staff member I remember on the music team walked up to the stage mic, trying to take the awkward feeling off of Casey, he tried to pray in tongues like I had done earlier but he added a “sing song” style to it and it was hideous but the congregation couldn’t discern it one way or the other, they all seemed hypnotized.

I actually squeezed into a pew full of people to get a hymnal and the people acted as if I was invisible, they didn’t even see me. I started to grab a hymnal but there weren’t any; now all of the backs of the pews were filled with old library books and trash.

I stood up straight, still very uncomfortable in the suit I was wearing, looked around with a feeling of exhaustion, weariness, sadness and despair. Dream over.

For me personally I know exactly what the dreams means, God is very clear with me and I don’t need to post my interpretation for me but what about you? Does this dream speak to you on any level? If I can help, write me and let me know.



Thomas Spencer