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TheBibleGuy_Storm      A Storm is Coming and our Lord God is about to speak! A Word of the Lord to America. By Thomas, an Apostle to those of like faith.

Then the Lord spoke to Job out of the storm: Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me. Job 40: 6-7 

America; I write this to you in advance so that when you hear the Voice of the Lord, you will know it to be true. The Word of our Lord turns from a Nation to the individual people. Why a storm? To wake you from your sleep.

6. Prophecy-Predictions-Possibilities

Calendar – Every year based on God’s calendar that He gave to the Jews as appointed times or special appointments that the Jews were to keep & meet with God. Every year they would celebrate these “Feast” like a “Dress rehearsal” of what God promised He would do, on that feast in the future.

For example: The Feast of Tabernacles/Shelters/Harvest: (this year on Sept. 29 – Oct. 5), was instituted by God as a REMINDER  for the Israelites in every generation of their deliverance by God from bondage in Egypt. But The feasts are also significant in that they FORESHADOW the work and actions of the coming Messiah. So every Feast of Tabernacles for the Jews is like a “Dress Rehearsal” of the coming of their Messiah. They know it will happen on this Feast, but they don’t know the year.

Do you get it? This is not some false prediction, this is a true possibility base on God’s calendar that He gave to the Jews.

We also know that the Jews are partially-spiritually blind, Romans 11:25.

For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.


What does that mean concerning God’s calendar?

When the Jews were celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles, their Messiah Jesus the Son of the living God was born AND THEY DENIED HIM! The religious corrupt Jewish leaders knew Jesus was the Messiah but did not want to give-up their ruling positions & fulfilled prophecy by killing Him. Therefore THEY BECAME PARTICALLY BLIND!

The Jews are still celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles every year waiting for the coming of their Messiah, and their Messiah will come on Tabernacles but we Gentiles know that He is Jesus & His return will be the second coming after the 7 year Tribulation. But what about the rapture?

What does that mean for us Gentiles?

Jesus fulfilled the “Law” and by His death & resurrection started the 2000 period of Grace & Mercy (especially to us Gentiles). This 2000 years was “hidden” from the Old Testament Prophets and todays Jews were blind to it. The point is that the 2000 years is up, from the time of Jesus being killed to the time of of the catching away of The Bride of Christ.

Note – this is not the end of the World! We still have at least 1007 years left before there is a New Heaven & Earth.

Bringing is home.

What I am posting are the real possibilities based on God’s calendar to the Jews. What is the point? For me as an Apostle of Jesus Christ, I am one of the guys at the end of the parade:

  • Cleaning up the final details
  • Scanning & Gleaning the last to be saved in my field
  • Shouting out the Last call: “Behold the Bride Groom Comes.”

I am encouraging others to do the same.

Oh America how you have drifted, drifted to sleep.

Blood Moon – Passover, April 15, 2014

  • Blood Moon – Tabernacles October 8, 2014
  • Start of Shemitah – September 24, 2014
  • Solar Eclipse – midpoint of Shemitah – March 20, 2015 (STORM WARNING- Final positioning of World War & USA financial collapse March 20-23, 2015)
  • Blood Moon – Passover, Evening of Saturday April 3, 2015 to Evening of Sunday April 4, 2015
  • Feast of Unleavened Breads: April 4-11
  • April 4-5 – Pagan Holiday Easter – First Fruits Barley Harvest (counting to the day after the 1st Sabbath: April 5-May 23) (possible Dead in Christ rise first, possible on earth for 40 days)
  • May 23, 2015 Feast of Weeks (Pentecost): May 23-24 Full Barley Harvest  (count 40 days) possible catching away of the Gentile 1. Dead in Christ who have risen 2.Overcomers 3. The Bride of Christ)
  • End of Shemitah & start of Year of Jubilee (Elul 29) September 13, 2015 (possible financial crash & end of USA as we know it – signing of a peace agreement between Israel and the whole world – The one world leader who signs it will be the Antichrist).
  • Feast of Trumpets: September 14-15
  • Day of Atonement: September 23-24
  • Blood Moon – Tabernacles, September 28, 2015 (possible catching away of the Gentile Martyrs saved after the rapture of the Bride).
  • Feast of Tabernacles/Shelters/Harvest: Sept. 29 – Oct. 5
  • The Eighth Day: October 5-6

Come to Jesus, there is still time; perhaps only hours. Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you right now. When He does; bow your knee, verbally ask Jesus to forgive you of you sin and ask Him to come inside you to be your lord, believe me He has already done the rest!

Equipping End Time Ambassadors

Equipping End Time Ambassadors

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