The Bible Guy Bio


I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple & Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God & Head of The Ekklesia. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind & reconcile them to God before the door of Grace & Mercy shuts at the end of this age.

The Bible Guy Timeline:
1958 – Born in Iola Kansas with three older brothers and deceased younger sister
1964 – 1970 Lincoln Grade School
1970 – 1973 Iola Junior High School, worked at local clothing store until 1977
1973 – 1976 Iola High School
1974 – Accepted Jesus as Lord at the age of 15
1974 – Called into ministry in Kansas
1976 – Finished High School in Kansas. Worked at Silver Dollar City Missouri
1977 – Ordained into ministry in Kansas, worked at Iola Assembly of God, finished Allen County Junior College in Iola
1980 – Finished College in Springfield Missouri; SMSU and Evangel Bible
1981 – Ministered full time to 22 denominational youth groups in San Diego California
1986 – Ministered full time with Home Group development in Spokane Washington,
1987 – Established several businesses in Washington State
1988 – Established a 30 member Home Group in Kent Washington
1989 – Hired by Casey Treat Washington Christian Faith Center to lead 250 Home Groups in Western Washington
1990 – 1991 help to establish three new ministries from Casey Treat Ministries
1992 – Thomas understood his specific calling as an Establisher
1993 – Established a House Ministry in Washington, launched from Casey’s Ministry
1993 – 1998 Established 30 “House Ministries” in Washington State: Federal Way, Kent, Burien, Puyallup, Edgewood, and Tacoma’s; North Side, Old Town, Hill Top and Pacific Ave in Washington State
1997 – Prayed the prayer of Nehemiah 9 over Tacoma and then was instructed by the Lord to “Glean” what he could and flee Tacoma WA
1998 – Published first book
1999 – The House Ministry was dismantled
2000 – Wife of 20 years left him and he went through a “Job’s Trial”
2001 – Remarried and started six years of healing and restoration
2003 – Established with TheBibleGuy Blog
2006 – Called to re-enter Tacoma Washington after 10 years
2006 – Experienced restoration with a ministry team in Tacoma
2007 – The Holy Spirit rekindled the “Flame” for small group discipleship.
2009 – Participating in a first time Shelby Kennedy Foundation National Bible Bee. Our little group placed 3 youth out of 17,000 in the finals in Washington DC!
2011 – 2013 Continued in business, built our new house and started a new small group, revised The Church What is it to – Church What it is & is not. Three year study on the book of Daniel with the book of Revelation, discerning the End Time Prophecies.

2014 – (February 3) celebrating 14,245 Days with Jesus! Republishing Ira Surface’s 1920 book with Last Days Time Line: The First & Last. Started ongoing Free EBooks: 40 Years with Jesus
2015 – Finished Discipleship Material: The Arrival Kit with 70 video teaching clips. Looking everyday for Jesus to part the clouds & to hear His Voice like a trumpet say: “Come up here” then to observe the dead in Christ as they rise first & then the amazing event of joining them in the clouds with Jesus Revelation Chapter 4

2016 – 2019 Total focus on The Kingdom of God vs The American Church, wow have we been mislead & deceived. Building a financial “war chest” to launch on January 1, 2020!

2021 – Finished relocation of our home base & ministry base. Published The Kingdom of God on Earth through the Eyes of Mark’s Gospel and Republished Ira Surface’s End Time Book; The First and The Last, first written in 1920.

November 2021 soft ministry start with The Bible Buy Minute.

Watch the You-tube Video
Preview of the catching away of the Bride of Christ! Thomas Spencer

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