As it was in the Days of Noah

Navigating through 2022

This prophetic message in 1986, helped me prepare for ministry today 2022!

I cannot transfer the relationship I have with Jesus to you, but I can encourage you to STOP and take inventory of everything you are doing! If what you are doing, supporting, or promoting is not drawing you closer to the presence of God then it is drawing you away from Him. There is no time to debate, just stop it. If you continue in an activity because you naively gave your word without enough information; quickly ask forgiveness and stop the activity.

From this day May 2022 the most important thing in your life is to immerse yourself in the presence of God through His Word, His Son, His Holy Spirit. Read, pray, sing, assemble with others that are doing the same, and put your attention to the next great event that is scheduled on God’s calendar: The catching away of the Bride of Christ.

Do not be deceived

The Bride of Christ IS NOT THE CHURCH.

Navigating through 2022

Who is the Bride of Christ and what should she be doing right now!

Published by The Bible Guy

I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple and Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God and Head of The Called out ones. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind and reconcile them to God before the door of Grace and Mercy shuts at the end of this age.

5 thoughts on “As it was in the Days of Noah

  1. The as in the day of Noah tract produced in me?1) Awareness2) Urgency

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  2. The Lord Jesus Christ said He would build His Church?This means what?1) The building is not the church.2) The human body is not the church.3) The human body inside the building is Not the church.What is then?4) Only when the human body has been transformed into the Temple of God through the New Birth ie (2nd Corinthians 5:17) have you now become the Church of God,and the Bride of Christ.  And only when the Temples of God meet in a building made by human hands is the circuit made complete.Whether that Temple chooses to meet in that building or not is a free will choice.The Temple is the (CHURCH). What the World calls the church is?An unsaved man who has stolen the word Pastor, who tries to teach the word of God to a congregation of unsaved people, who meet in a building.They have a form of Godliness, but without any power. ie (The HOLY SPIRIT). Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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