About The Bible Guy

Teaching Ministry of Thomas SpencerTheBibleGuy.comPlease click subscribe, I am trying to pass all social media, thanks. I am a lover of Truth and a born-again Ambassador of Jesus: The Son of our Living God. I am called to preach the good news of The Kingdom of God, make disciples & equip the body of ChristContinue reading “About The Bible Guy”

Be still and know that I am God…

Finally, the air has cooled, the fans are turned off and as I sip coffee on the back deck watching the morning light, I look to the East and a morning star appears above the treetops. This has been a pattern of mine for years but this morning I asked myself when did this start?Continue reading “Be still and know that I am God…”

Hometown – Iola Kansas – About The Bible Guy

  Click for 10 minute video clip Thomas Spencer – The Bible Guy; a Trusted Voice. http://www.TheBibleGuy.com The New Yorker – Perham Clothing – Spencer & Sons Clothing – Historical Museum Hometown By Thomas Spencer The place where we find refuge and safety or feel secure, Our origin, birthplace, place of belonging, Pages in our photoContinue reading “Hometown – Iola Kansas – About The Bible Guy”

I don’t fit in. Do you fit in? 40 Years Walking With Jesus

40 Years Walking with Jesus! http://www.TheBibleGuy.com Thomas Spencer I now see that I have never fit in. I was always the kid with more questions than answers; I was named Thomas for a reason. I was not one to believe things until I could see them with my own eyes. Oh, I was popular inContinue reading “I don’t fit in. Do you fit in? 40 Years Walking With Jesus”