MARCH 20, 2015 FEAR NOT…

March 20, 2015 Fear not! I am telling you this in advance so you will know that God is: in control, has a plan and wants to get your attention. This is not the end of the world. Once the Bride of Christ returns with Jesus after the Tribulation recorded in The Book of Revelation, weContinue reading “MARCH 20, 2015 FEAR NOT…”

Warning for USA 2014

August 2014 The Picture – Phase One Imagine with me that God pulled back the spiritual curtain that separates time and you gained some information in advance of an event that would shake every family in the nation like never before. Imagine for just a moment that you were shown this information so that youContinue reading “Warning for USA 2014”

Prophecy – Time to Glean

September 2014  Time to glean These past years the commission from my Lord Jesus has narrowed from a broad “shotgun” type ministry of the whole world, to a more focused target. Some would call me a missionary, not to an underdeveloped country but a missionary to the United States of America, primarily to the GentileContinue reading “Prophecy – Time to Glean”

Hometown – Iola Kansas – About The Bible Guy

  Click for 10 minute video clip Thomas Spencer – The Bible Guy; a Trusted Voice. The New Yorker – Perham Clothing – Spencer & Sons Clothing – Historical Museum Hometown By Thomas Spencer The place where we find refuge and safety or feel secure, Our origin, birthplace, place of belonging, Pages in our photoContinue reading “Hometown – Iola Kansas – About The Bible Guy”