MARCH 20, 2015 FEAR NOT…

March 20, 2015 Fear not! I am telling you this in advance so you will know that God is: in control, has a plan and wants to get your attention.

This is not the end of the world. Once the Bride of Christ returns with Jesus after the Tribulation recorded in The Book of Revelation, we still have 1000 more years on earth.

What to do now?

1. If you are not sure of your eternal destination please read these verses in your own bible: John 3:3, John 3:16, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9, Acts 4:12, Ephesians 2:8-9 and click on my website and follow the steps.

2. If you are sure of your relationship with Christ then encourage yourself with the assurance of these verses: Read all of I John then read the Gospel of John 3:36, John 5:24 & John 17:3, Plus refresh yourself with these verses on Water Baptism; Matthew 3:11, Acts 2:38, 10:47 and then the assurance of Baptism Romans 6:3-5.

3. Now take your family through these same scriptures with actions of repentance, salvation; starting with your inner circle: those who live in your house. Then work your way outward to other family, friends, face book acquaintances etc.

Thomas Spencer, March 2020

Published by The Bible Guy

I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple and Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God and Head of The Called out ones. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind and reconcile them to God before the door of Grace and Mercy shuts at the end of this age.

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