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HOPE FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND Book by Thomas J Spencer TheBibleGuy.com


1948 started the Prophetic clock

The next event, The Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

Teaching Ministry of Thomas Spencer
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All rights reserved. I the author of this work Thomas Spencer give permission to copy and transmit in any form; to help spread the good news of Salvation and eternal life found alone in Jesus, the Son of the Living God. Please give credit where credit is due so those seeking future information and hope may find it. Please direct to: TheBibleGuy.com

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On this page and in this space: Glue in a large envelope over the top of these words. In your handwriting, write a personal note including your Testimony of accepting Jesus as your, Savior, Lord and King.
Addressed to: Hope for my loved ones left behind.


The 2000-year-old prophecy of Israel becoming a Nation again was fulfilled in 1948. This is the Fig Tree prophecy of which this generation (our generation) will experience all events leading up the second coming of Jesus to the Earth. The first event; the rapture or catching away of the Bride of Christ will trigger all other prophecies in the Book of Revelation which will be fulfilled literally and in the exact order as they were written by John the Apostle.
But what if you miss this rapture? There are qualifications to be met to spend eternity with Jesus and your loved ones but if you don’t know the qualifications or they have not been met, you will be left behind. This book Hope for those left behind will be a guide to encourage you to keep seeking Jesus even after we are gone.
There is a second rapture, a second catching away. To participate at this stage will put you in the rank of the martyrs under the alter recorded in Revelation chapter 6. That is: as you publicly confess Jesus as your Lord and King it will be an act of treason against the new One World Leader and the sentence is capital punishment by beheading.
By default, and no choice of yours, you were born into a war zone occupied by a kingdom of darkness with Satan as king. Jesus the Son of the One True God came and to all those who follow Him, He gave the power to overcome Satan’s kingdom and enter into Jesus’ kingdom of Light: the kingdom of God on Earth. From MARK 4:11 until now His kingdom has been available but will come to a climax as the book of Revelation plays out in our lifetime. May this book help educate and prepare you to be victorious in this Kingdom War.


Personal Note

One – People are missing, what just happened?

Two – The catching away event itself

Three – The Deceiver Satan; The Father of lies

Four – Why am I left behind?

Five – Your only hope – understanding the war between Kingdoms­

Six – The Three Heaven War

Seven – The cost of confessing Jesus, during the Tribulation

Eight – Let’s Do This, Be Sealed by The Holy Spirit

Nine – The Order of the “catching a ways” End-Time Time-Line

Ten – Living in The Kingdom of God on Earth

Eleven – Hope for “Ministers” Left Behind, You have a choice

Twelve – The Author

Thirteen – TimeLine

Hope for those left behind!

Thomas Spencer – TheBibleGuy.com

   Chapter One

What just happened – people are missing

All of the sudden you have a loved one missing, or some of your coworkers did not show up for work, or perhaps some of your friends are not returning your communications? People all over the world are missing.

By now I am sure the “fake news” has conjured up some kind of explanation; alien ships abducted people, the virus killed so many that they were all rounded up and disposed of, or maybe they all “bugged out” to the mountains at the same time to make everyone scared. The Truth is that The Bible described a day when a number of people who followed Jesus, The Christ, The Son of our Living God would be “caught up” to heaven. We are also told it would happen just before a One World Government with a One World Leader was announced. If you are reading this and your loved one is gone, as in disappeared, then this event has probably taken place. It is called:

The Rapture or The Catching Away of The Bride of Christ and The Revelation Overcomers.

** You are most fortunate that someone prepared in advance to give you hope, by leaving this book behind. You may have found this book as you were searching for a relative’s legal will, bank records, internet passwords or better yet, maybe someone sent you this book in advance before they were gone, so you could go with them! Either way this is their finale will; that you would join them and live with them forever.

Hopefully, they also left you their Bible. This Hope for those left behind book is only a guide to help understand The Bible, of which the Truth of this “catching away” event is not only recorded but was foretold a few thousand years ago.

WARNING #1: If it has not happened yet, one problem might be that The Bible could be outlawed as contraband by now. It may be illegal to have it in your possession. Careful, the decision you make next could seal your eternal destiny. These books were left for you out of love, I encourage you to read them before you decide to dispose of them.

There has been so much confusion about this “catching away” event that someone who loves you dearly wanted you to know this is NOT THE END! I repeat, this is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Our loving God has not abandoned you and neither have your loved ones that are no longer here on earth. On the contrary, we want you to join us. There is still time and there is still hope, that is why Father God prompted me to write this book in advance. He loves you and His desire for you is to live eternally with Him! Now that is Hope and Good News!

WARNING #2: There is a system coming (if it has not already been activated) that is promoted as the most convenient way of global trading of everything; money/credits, merchandise, food, fuel, provisions, travel, and records of your history, health, DNA, criminal information and much more. It will come in the way of an injected chip, readable tattoo, number or barcode, permanently placed on or in, your forehead or right hand. The Bible calls this the Mark of the Beasts and it comes with some kind of ceremony declaring your allegiance and worship to the one world leader and his global government. DO NOT TAKE IT, IT IS IRREVERSIBLE!

Again I will address this later in great detail because you will not be able to purchase anything without this mark, but know this, as you give your life to Christ, there is provision called “daily bread”.

Let us review chapter one
  • People are missing.
  • You were given or have found this book from one who loves you.
  • We have not abandoned you, we are in Heaven with Jesus, hoping you will join us.
  • This is NOT the end of the world.
  • This book: Hope for those left behind along with The Bible are probably illegal to have, be careful what you do with them.
  • This event is called: the rapture or the catching away of the Bride of Christ and the Revelation Overcomers.
  • There is HOPE for you and those around you that were left behind!
  • Warning #1 – this book and the Bible will be illegal.
  • Warning #2 – Do not take any mark on your forehead or right hand!
Keep reading and let’s get started on your journey!
Thomas Spencer

Thank you for taking a look. I have been working on this subject since 1978, hoping this will be a legacy for the 44 years of being a Bible Treasure Hunter.

Email me on instructions for receiving the full 30-inch 1919 End-time Timeline by Ira Surface – TheBibleGuy1@Gmail.com

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I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple and Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God and Head of The Called out ones. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind and reconcile them to God before the door of Grace and Mercy shuts at the end of this age.


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