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Kingdom People News July 2020

BLM 2020
Thomas Spencer
Thomas Spencer – The Bible Guy

Why are we so distracted with this?

I am sorry I must use my discernment gift to connect these dots, but it seems that everyone is so distracted by this wave of deception that we can’t think about anything else. People of The Kingdom of God, please read, look up for yourselves and then get back to what Jesus has called you to today! 

Rules of connecting the dots: 

  1. Who gets the money? Always, always, follow the money trail.  
  1. Who is getting the glory? 
  1. What is the purpose of a thing? 

I did not know what the acronym BLM stood for, let alone that it was an actual organized group until a few months ago. I thought it was just another seared conscience group of violence. So, in my own investigation (it did not take long) I discovered it is basically a money laundering front for the Democratic Party. Follow my steps: 

  1. Internet: type BLM – 2. Click Home Page – 3. Click Donations, what do you find? ActBlue financial clearing house. 4. Click on ActBlue – 5. Click about us under their “Fine Print” page. Below are copies from their web site, which is legal to copy if I give the original source, of which I do. 

Campaign Finance Laws 

ActBlue,, “Want Blue States?”, and “The online clearinghouse for Democratic Action”. 

Political contributions are governed by campaign finance laws. ActBlue makes its best efforts to ensure that all contributions made on the ActBlue site are in accordance with these laws. Nonetheless, you have final responsibility for ensuring your own compliance. 

For example: ActBlue will not permit users to make donations larger than $2,800 to any federal candidate. 

Other Laws 

Donations to charities (501(c)(3) organizations) and social welfare groups (501(c)(4) organizations) are not subject to any contributions (copied as is from site) limits. You may make unlimited donations to these groups on the site. 

ActBlue is a nonprofit organization (did you get that) that builds tools Democrats count on to run their own small-dollar fundraising programs. 

ActBlue Charities is a registered charitable organization formed to democratize charitable giving. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by emailing or calling (617) 517-7600. Alternatively, our report detailing our programs, a financial summary, and the percentage of contributions dedicated to our charitable purpose, along with a copy of our license, may be obtained from the following state agencies: FLORIDA, GEORGIA. MARYLAND, MD, MISSISSIPPI, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, NORTH CAROLINA, PENNSYLVANIA, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON, WISCONSIN, WEST VIRGINIA, WV. 


Rules of connecting the dots: 

  1. Who gets the money? Democratic Party, Joe Biden in this case with just over 119 million so far in 2020.  
  1. Who is getting the glory? Well the fake news says that Black Lives are getting the recognition they deserve but, in my experience, the ones getting the money also get the glory. 
  1. What is the purpose of a thing? Fake news says that it is all about getting justice for Black Lives, triggered by a horrible death of a man being taken into custody that was murdered. 
  • I am concerned that Black Lives have been deceived to believe that this movement of horrible violence would bring about some reform.  
  • I see that BLM movement seems to spring up in riots just before an election. 
  • I am concerned that some BLM financial donators may not know where their donations are going. 
  • I am concerned that foreign financial donators (who legally cannot give to an USA election campaign) could use this clearing house to insert money into the Democratic Party unnoticed. 
  • I am concerned that the whole nation, if not world, has been distracted to the degree of blocking our sight of “other things” being slipped through our country. 

Wonderful People of The Kingdom of God on Earth:

You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.

2 Timothy 2:4 

I know we all want to correct the wrong, champion the underdog and stand for righteousness but we must pick our battles wisely. You are being watched by the world. The entire world has access to everything you post online. I know you want to give a thumbs-up on an “off colored” post, but as The Ekklesia, The Called-Out Ones from Satan’s kingdom of darkness to Jesus’ Kingdom of light, we may be the only witness someone sees. 

Now that we can see what is going on, may we stop engaging and get about our Lord’s business.


Thomas Spencer The Bible Guy

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I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple and Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God and Head of The Called out ones. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind and reconcile them to God before the door of Grace and Mercy shuts at the end of this age.

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