Healing, Generational Curses

  • Kingdom People Newsletter – December 2020
  • Primarily to the Gentiles of the USA
  • TheBibleGuy.com


From broken arms to DNA handed down problems

A broken arm is physical, and it will heal on its own OR a doctor can manipulate the bone back to its original position and let it heal in proper alignment on its own, to God be the glory that is how He created our bodies. OR we can ask God for a “creative miracle” and a broken arm can be restored immediately. In all of these ways God gets the glory!

In the Kingdom of God one of our Kingdom privileges and our legal battle with the enemy is: by the stripes beaten on King Jesus’ body I am already legally declared healed! Provision granted 2000 years ago! Word declared, Faith applied, enemy defeated, body healed, amen.

A physical problem handed down from parents, example: a doctor will ask for a physical history. If your folks had high blood pressure very possible the child could be susceptible as it may run in the family. This could be primarily only a physical condition that “runs in your family handed down physically”. In this case we probably ate the same as  our parents (Fried chicken & gravy, gravy, gravy). We probably lived in the same place (maybe over a toxic dump site). OR we may have just got a downloaded a physical DNA gene that is not the best all of which could cause a physical problem.

Still a physical problem, handled the same way as above.


This will involve a demonic spirit, a demon, a fallen angel controlled by Satan

The most common demon is simply called “a familiar spirit”. This demon has little authority or power but because of our lack of knowledge seems to create the most problems. This is a demon that at sometime for some reason has been dispatched to your relatives past and if unchallenged, handed down to each generation.

A FAMILIAR SPIRIT is a GENERATIONAL SPIRIT attached to your family, and has to “gain entrance”.

  • Probably gained entrance through someone in the family speaking a curse on the family (knowingly or not) or an outsider speaking a curse on the family  (knowingly or not).
  • Is simply familiar with a large portion of your families “ways” everything from how your great-great grandmother would sneak out back behind the woodshed and chew tobacco, to the exact route you drive to work every day. This demon is just familiar.


First, knowledge of ways and patterns of your entire relative pool…and second, power of suggestion until third, you actually speak and possibly repeat the curses on your family.

Let us use “Flu season” as an example.

This phrase was once not a real thing, it was created within a hundred years because someone was selling something and caused fear so people would take their product. Because the demon “knows” your family so well he can put suggestions of the fear of the flu all around you…billboards on your exact path you always take to work, radio stations you listen to, the notice on the board at work, the suggestion of your child’s teacher at school, the advertisement for softer tissues to wipe your nose until you or someone in your family DECLARES WITH THEIR WORDS, It is flu season…battle lost. With our mouths we make spiritual contracts.

One of the weapons this demon will try to use is to get you to become an expert on a particular problem. This comes through the gate of pride but is hidden through false humility (which is pride). When a possible diagnosis is given, and the patient becomes an expert on the subject. Knows all of the symptoms, treatments, side effects of medications and how this thing eventually kills you. Gives advice on getting your affairs in order because this is going to kill you.


  • 1. View EVERY DISEASE through the eyes of a military attack!
  • 2. Do not become an expert on any disease.
  • 3. Use your battle words to share your situation with other believers to set the tone. It seems as if my body is under attack! I have been hit with symptoms of (whatever-sharp pains, lack of strength, etc.),
  • 4. I have recruited a doctor to help me fight this battle until he/she will pronounce me well!
  • 5. After doing a family health history it is possible that I am being attacked by a generational curse, a familiar demonic spirit handed down by my family ancestors.
  • 6. It seems that this demonic attack has caused some unacceptable physical manifestations in my body.
  • 7. Please stand in agreement with me:

“Father God, as I humbly yet boldly come before Your Throne in the Name of Your Son Jesus, of which you established as the highest, most powerful name in earth. I praise You for all that You are, I thank You for all that You have done for me, and I serve You because Your gracious love motivates me to be like You.

Father God, I declare that I have broken the power of Satan’s kingdom of darkness off my life and have entered into Jesus’ Kingdom of Light, proclaiming Jesus, the Son of God as my King and Savior.

Father God, I first of all ask that You would heal my body from every attack that has and is coming against it, if I have made an error in someway that has caused this attack please reveal it to me so that I may repent and set things in order.

Secondly by the authority of Jesus Name and the blood He shed for me “I break every curse that has been spoken against me, my family and my relatives and return them to the sender with a blessing. Every unclean spirit that has been commissioned against me and my family I release you from your assignment in Jesus Name and give you permission leave. NOW!

Father God, I now receive Your healing, Your deliverance, Your forgiveness and give You the glory for this victory, may I continue to be of service to You and Your Kingdom. Amen.”


Knowing that the demonic spirit inside of many get agitated when you are in its presents, knowing that people may take opportunity EVERYDAY to curse you (driving and someone honks, gives a bad hand gesture and throws out a curse, curses you on Facebook because of your righteous beliefs in the Bible, or even you having a birthday may cause someone to remember you and just because of jealousy, or whatever, may blurt out a curse, you may need to do maintenance.

Maybe daily for a while, weekly or if you are feeling an unusual attack:

“Father God I continue to break any verbal, written or ritual curses carried out against me, my marriage and my family today, may they all be sent back to the sender as a blessing, I ask in Jesus Name, Amen.”


Thomas Spencer

Published by The Bible Guy

I am a lover of Truth, a born again disciple and Ambassador of Jesus who is: The Son of our Living God, Savior of all mankind, resurrected from the dead, seated at the right hand of God and Head of The Called out ones. I am called to preach the love and acceptance to all mankind and reconcile them to God before the door of Grace and Mercy shuts at the end of this age.

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